About Nikku Morganti

Nikku Morganti is a clothes store stocking high fashion, branded clothing.
We are based in Norfolk, retailing the most desirable and sought after branded fashion clothing available. Nikku Morganti has been trading for more than 20 years and is situated on the High Street of the bustling market town of Kings Lynn. It sits on one of the busiest of the town.

Here at Nikku Morganti we represent the brands we sell, supporting their image in good faith. Originally a wealthy merchant's home and then former Martins Bank, the Nikku Morganti Store retains much of the grandeur and elegance of its past. Complete with walk-in vault, chandeliers and wrought iron work. The store provides the perfect environment to compliment the brands we sell. We strive to keep up to date with the latest fashion labels, stocking everything from bags and sunglasses, to t-shirts and denim.

Our passion for quality is reflected in our customer satisfaction, attracting customers, new and old from all places around the county.

Having once seen the life of a wealthy merchant's home and containing the presence of the now defunct 'Grasshopper' of Martin's Bank, the Nikku Morganti store captivates and extraordinary level of opulence and elegance whilst incorporating a sophisticated modern touch. With a complete walk-in vault, chandeliers and wrought ironwork, the legacy of its classy history is truly reflected in our customer's shopping experience.

Locally known Nikku Morganti presents a vast selection of high profile and greatly desired brands, delivering the heights of current trends and superb customer service.

Our staff practise a high level of knowledge combined with a friendly approach, leaving our customers returning time after time.

Here at Nikku Morganti, we select the brands we sell based upon the precision of our market research. To uphold our core ideals, we choose those which express a likeness to our ethics. Nikku Morganti aims to deliver a combination of historical and elegant designer brands with vintage brands of the future, creating the opportunityto revitalise the grace high profile fashion holds.